NC Industrial Hemp Sample Request Form

Please note:
  • For multiple counties, please submit a form for each county.
  • If more than 3 varieties are flowering, submit an additional form as needed.
  • Variety photos: Clear/close-up of side view of the blooming inflorescence. For further information on photos, please click here.
  • For the crop address please give a street address closest to the location of the hemp crop that needs sampled or the first location that your specialist will need to meet you.
  • If your location is difficult to find please use the Special Instructions section to help guide your inspector or any other comments you feel may assist your sample.
  • By choosing the services of the AgWin Group, I understand that I will be receiving official sampling and testing services through AgWin Group and not the NCDA&CS-Plant Industry Division, and that I am voluntarily making this choice. I am also agreeing to the fees as set by and will be directly billed by the AgWin Group. I understand that official sampling and testing services from the AgWin Group will be contingent on me paying the AgWin Group for those services. I understand that the NCDA&CS-Plant Industry Division will have no control over billing for services provided by the AgWin Group and that any dispute will need to be resolved directly with the AgWin Group by me. I further understand that by choosing the AgWin Group, that I am still required to comply with all requirements under the North Carolina Hemp Program.

Ag Win Group:

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